Coconut Oil On Skin

healthy skin using coconut oil
Fresh coconut, shredded coconut, and coconut cream, isolated on white.

There are amazing things about coconut oil, which makes it recommendable for everyone to use, especially those with skin care concerns.

It is already known that coconut oil is edible, but aside from that, it can be used in softening the skin while performing a massage.

You can find coconut plants, mostly in tropical countries. That is the reason why this is a very popular element in performing different Asian massage and even Asian cuisines.

It became part of traditional practices of the natives as they use the oil as a hair tonic and for skin protection.

What Makes the Coconut Oil Good for Skin?

Of course, it is all about the properties of the coconut oil that makes it very beneficial.

* Saturated fats keep the moisture loss of the skin. It can trap the needed moisture of the skin inside once the oil is applied outside.

It then helps the entire skin area smooth and soft to touch.

* The other fatty acids like the Capric, Lauric, and Caprylic acid have a significantly different contribution in producing an antibacterial effect to protect the skin from damaging.

Especially in open wounds, the coconut oil for skin is highly effective to fight against any microbial infections.

It is also recommended that taking the coconut oil internally can also be ideal because it can help you lose weight.

Experts also attest that performing regular workout routines can help the skin get toned as this can eliminate the accumulation of excess fats.

* Coconut oil has Vitamin E. It is already known that Vitamin E contributes a lot in making the skin look young, soft, and glowing.

It also aids in repairing damaged cells and with the antioxidant properties; it can enhance more the quality of the skin by supporting healthy skin growth.

It also acts as anti-aging oil for the skin to stay smooth.

* Proteins are present in coconut oil for the skin and it helps it repairing more the damaged skin cells.

Unlike other oils, the coconut oil is ideal to use because it does not become rancid. It can stay and work for a longer period of time.

Other Specific Uses of Coconut Oil

You can apply the coconut oil as a lip gel. The same thing, it can provide moist loss protection to keep your lips look glossy and healthy.

It can also keep it smooth and soft. It is safe to taste coconut oil on your lips as it is always edible and can even give more benefits if it goes to your stomach.

You can use the coconut oil for skin as a makeup remover. It is the safest option available that all women should know.

By using this material, you are not just getting the best makeup remover, but also giving your skin additional nutrients to keep it soft after all the chemicals you have applied the entire day.

Coconut plant is indeed very useful from the tips to the roots.

Above all, the oil extracts would sum all the benefits.

Your skin can surely avail all these benefits once applied every day, depending on purpose, but always the best results.

Tips to Cure a Yeast Infection

Fungal infection can surely be a serious problem. It is known to target the soft and the moisten part of the body, where vagina, lower abdomen, skin folds can be great places to thrive in.

The Candida albicans are the microscopic yeasts that invade body parts, causing so much irritation, burning sensation, swelling, and more itchy manifestations.

It is good to know that there are home remedies available to combat the effects of a yeast infection. Below are things you can use:

yeast infection

1. Yogurt can be a good choice.

Remember that this is composed of good bacteria that can attack and clean up the spores of the fungi infesting certain part of the skin.

The plain yogurt can be a good aid in inhibiting the growth of yeasts.

* You can apply the plain yogurt to the affected area and let it be absorbed overnight.

* You can use tampons for vaginal yeast infection.

* To make sure that your whole body is cleaned up, include the yogurt in your diet.

2. Coconut oil is another good option.

The anti-fungal properties you can get from this type of natural oil can surely help you in eliminating fungal infections in any part of your body.

* Pair it with cinnamon oil and you will get a maximized effect. Apply to the affected area.

* For mouth yeast infections, you may swish the oil, with tea tree and cinnamon oil and spit. Do these three times a day.

3. Try the apple cider vinegar.

With the anti-fungal properties of apple cider vinegar, you can soak your whole body in water with additional vinegar on it. The irritating itchiness can noticeably go.

* You may also drink warm water with drops of apple cider vinegar. For a few days, you can maintain drinking this twice a day.

* Mix the vinegar with water and pat dry the affected area. You can also rinse it after letting it dry for a few minutes.

4. No yeast can survive with garlic.

Garlic is very popular to aid almost all minor ailments, especially allergies on the skin. No bacteria and fungi can withstand the effects of this natural herb and so, in the case of yeast infection, garlic is an ideal remedy.

* Applying directly the garlic to the infested area can fasten the process.

* You can eat cloves of garlic every day, which might cause some awful odor in your mouth, but in terms of combating the yeast infection, then including garlic in your diet is highly effective.

5. Cranberries

Many natural health stores are producing cranberry tablets because of its antifungal effect.

You can eat or drink unsweetened cranberry juices every day so that your body would be filled in with necessary antifungal agents to help you with the process.

With the presence of these natural remedies, curing a yeast infection can be very easy. You do not need to spend high amount just to be relieved from the irritating itchiness of the fungal infection because with these natural home remedies, the best solution is at hand.

Exercises to Keep your Body Healthy

exercises for weight lossOftentimes we are tasked with the dilemma of whether to subscribe to a gym or not. While there are many reasons why a gym is the ultimate goal achiever in as far as healthy body is concerned, this is not always the case. Achieving a healthy body requires more than physical exercises. You will need to accept who you are in order to enjoy the results that you will achieve from a mere morning walk. If you are not near a gym or if you are a bit timid to attend one, here are some simple exercises that will help transform your life in a healthy enjoyable journey.


A lot of people feel thrilled when they are swimming. Swimming can easily be said to be the ultimate exercise that everyone needs in order to remain healthy. Swimming helps your body burn up unwanted fat and keep your musclesSwimming_Pool_maintenance lean. The buoyancy of water is helpful to your body and mind as it helps you relax. Moreover, people suffering from arthritis enjoy swimming because of the reduced pressure on joints. Besides burning excess calories, swimming is also attributed with the benefit of putting you in a jovial mood.

Tai Chi
This is an ancient Chinese exercise that strives to combine relaxation and body movement for the betterment of mind soul and body. Essentially, Tai Chi is a physical exercise while at the same time it is a form of meditation. The graceful harmonious movements combined with putting your mind and balance at a test makes it unique and effective.

Interval exercising
This is a form of exercise that combines a series of physical exercises but at intervals. This form of exercise requires that you adjust the intensity of the exercise that you are undertaking. If you are walking, you should suddenly increase the pace and then after sometime resume your normal pace. Interval exercising is good because it helps in burning excess calories, making the muscles resistant to fatigue and improving your neuromuscular system.

Doing squats
Squatting is the movement of up and down of the body. It is more like sitting down on a chair and then standing up only that there is no chair. Squatting requires that the body employ almost every other muscle in the body. Squatting helps your heart, legs, back, chest and a number of other body parts. For intense squats which will improve your cardio system, use body-weights.

Lunge movements
This exercise is more like squatting. You will need to stand hips-apart and do some well synchronized movements while retaining straight body posture. The exercise will keep your legs muscles strong and also enhance your body balance. By placing your foot forward and your knee well placed directly above the heel, this exercise is easy and enjoyable.

Many people have come to overlook the importance of walking and will often hop into a car or bus to reach their destination even if it’s a block away. Walking has been seen to reduce chances of glaucoma, halves and colon cancer in women. Walking improves endorphins, better blood pressure and body balance.